Life isn't about finding yourself...It's about becoming & CEOing!



Passion Discovery 

I use a process of discovery to uncover your passion. Passion is the fuel that drives you toward the thing.

Purpose Reavealer

I use a value based strategy to uncover your gifts and to reveal your purpose increasing your impact and income. 

Profit Producer

We discover ways to monetize your passion, purpose and skills.  

Why  Work  With Me?


Let’s be honest...Deep down inside you want more.

Let's  get you more!

Manifesting your gifts and purpose so that you can take flight...

Working with me is a wise investment that evokes transformation.

Do you know your purpose?

Are you showing up as your authentic self?

Do you know how to manifest more money? 

I use a value based strategy to get

you the YES to these questions.

Let's go from becoming to CEOing!


Mother of 2, Christian and life long serial entrepreneur.  I operated a hair salon, 'that was all the buzz,' from my mother's kitchen at the age of 12. Clients were lined up paying salon prices as a result of my unique cutting skills. 

Early in life I felt something spark deep within my soul whenever I did anything that required me to be creative. I now know that feeling as 'passion'. Hair was my first passion. I was afraid to step into that creativity so I spent a few years finding myself, which included the United States Air Force and college. The military was rewarding; it taught me the discipline that I would need to be a successful entrepreneur. I didn't finish college. I wouldn't call myself a drop out. I 'dropped in' to see if college was a tool that I needed... it simply wasn't. I already possessed the tool that I needed; that tool was my passion which lead me to my purpose. 

Fast-forward... I spent 20+ years enjoying a lucrative 6 figure income as a 'household name' salon owner, Salon Nicco's and Publisher of Salon Voice Magazine. 


I used the same methods that afforded me success in service and became an award winning entrepreneur in sales as a licensed Insurance and Securities Agent.

I'm a Realtor of 10+ years and former Mortgage Loan Originator, founder of Realty Life; CEO, Realty Tee; Author and Publisher of You Are A Brand, The Intentional Planner and CEOing Little Black Successbook.

I'm CEO of Elevated Coaching LLC and a Certified Coach. I'm driven by a desire to relieve the frustration and hopelessness of un-manifested dreamers. I encountered countless stories of dreams unrealized during 20+ years standing behind the chair as a hairstylist (coach by necessity). Currently, coach by passion & purpose.

I offer coaching to business owners through one-on-one, group, live, online and in person. I assist CEO's by tapping into their passion, elevating their purpose to become more profitable.

Oftentimes, as the CEO we are so caught up in the day to day throes of our businesses that we experience burn out an lose focus.

We must build our business on a solid foundation that resonates with our customers even when life happens. It's necessary to reset.

CEOing is a Lifestyle of passionately becoming!

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