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Welcome to my digital Queendom! At this moment I'm likely coaching my amazing Queens by dismantling what's no longer serving them and mastering what once mastered them... allowing these Queens to elevate higher.
I'm curating a life they love!
I enjoy working on up-leveling your experience in my Queendom.
I coach empowered women that are CEOing their businesses or CEOing their personal lives...
The beautiful life that you dream of is hidden in alignment!
Shall we?


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Toxicity hidden in your 'Heart-Drive' (your central operating system) directly affects how you treat yourself, interact with others and how you show up in the world. 

Life happens to all of us and how we face those things will directly affect every area of our life.

We become weighed down with being a BOSS while managing everyday affairs + disappointments, mishaps, traumas, losses and failures. We easily become stressed and overwhelmed, allowing toxicity to slowly creep into our Heart-Drive like a virus running in the background infecting everything in our lives.

 Let's dismantle what's no longer serving your inner BOSS and restore Balance, Alignment and Elevate higher! I'll curate your 'BAE Life'...the life you'll love. So, you can WIN Spiritually, Personally, Relationally and Financially! 

Take the 40 Day Journey with a bestie or your entire tribe.


Besties are having beautiful experiences doing it together!


Ask About Our Bestie Bundle

*Special Price 

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Let’s be honest...Deep down inside you want more.

Let's  get you more!

Break free from fear and anxiety of what's next.

Becoming your highest and best self while living a toxic free life is possible. You can take flight and soar higher when you gain clarity by detoxing, reviving and resetting your mind to restore balance and alignment in your life.

Life isn't about finding yourself...It's about becoming

the 'Aligned Queen' that you were born to be and living at your highest vibration!


Working with me is a wise investment that evokes transformation in 40 Days!

Take the Lifestyle Toxicity Test  Click Here!


MASTER YOUR LIFE in 40 days!  

What's Included

  5 Modules over 40 Days

  8 Live Coaching Sessions           ($1600 Value)

  40+ Videos

  Course Workbook ($499 Value)

  21 Day Meal Plan Coaching       ($299 Value)

  Money Mindset Coaching           ($597 Value)

  Master Fear & Anxiety

  Master Forgiveness

  Master Healthy Boundaries

  Align with your Purpose

  Clear your Wealth Channels

Limited Time $999 w/Code DETOX

($998 OFF Regular Price $1997)

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God's Girl!
Master Coach, CEO, 
Image Consultant, Author,
Realtor & Investor

God's Girl!
Master Coach, CEO,
Image Consultant, Author,
Realtor & Investor

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Money Detox Coaching:

I recommend Coach Nikii! A great Coach for motivating me to get on the right track with my finances and money mindset.  Focus and action is the key point... not procrastination.  She uncovered an additional stream of income.  November 2021 I will be debt free. 

— Tonia S, CEO | Business Educator