Self  Image Detox

How you think and feel about yourself  defines your self image. This affects how you treat yourself  and others. Any toxicity hidden in your mindset directly affects how you interact and show up in the world and it will manifest in your personal spaces and money.

Wardrobe Detox

The garments that you choose to place on your body communicates your energy level and self image. You set your vibration when you get dressed in the morning.

Space Detox

Your personal space is a direct reflection of what's going on on the inside of you and will reflect any toxicity. 

Money Detox

Money is suppose to flow freely. Which is why it's called currency. Money has energy and vibrations that become hindered by toxicity.





Let’s be honest...Deep down inside you want more.

Let's  get you more!

Manifesting your gifts and purpose and living a toxic free life is possible. You can take flight and soar higher when you detox your mind, wardrobe, personal space and money.

Working with me is a wise investment that evokes transformation with my Lifestyle Detox.


Life isn't about finding yourself...It's about becoming

the most beautiful version of yourself  & CEOing™!

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